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we have moved for good to the new site! this is the end of an era and the first season for the Metalectro blog… this blog will keep being online but will not get updated anymore… to keep up and get updated about what’s going on in the Metalectro universe check out the new site!

thank you all!!!


Let’s continue with a new release which actually has been out for a couple of days already, so i kind of owe it to you. This was a release i personally have been expecting and waiting for some time now, as listening to quite a few remixes as well as the original track it sounded like a very promising release. And now the time has come for you to draw your conclusions and decide for yourselves whether it was worth the wait. “Wario Must Die” EP by L&M Bros was released on Ventuno Recordings on the 24th of March and featuring 1 original and remixes by LBDC, Moore & Lezz, Elegant Perverts, Partysmartie and Tape Deck Bros this is a banging release that is certainly worth checking out! I’ll post here the preview of the EP as i usually do with the new releases  so you can get an idea, the rest is up to you…

Hi all, i hope you are having a great weekend! After a couple of soundless and really busy days that made me put my blogging activities to rest i am back today with a new release, which i promised to post yesterday actually so it’s one day overdue. You’ll have to excuse me but i’ll cut it short today with only one post as i can feel my social life calling me out to go have some fun. I will make it up to you tomorrow though with some more posts. So, the post i have for you is about the “Guild of the CRUX Vol. 01”. CRUX Records came up with a really big compilation, released a few days ago and couldn’t go unnoticed and unmentioned from the Metalectro blog. With 22 exclusive tracks on 1 massive compilation and names such as Malcolm Funktion, Trashing Teenagers, Comic Strips, Dead CAT Bounce and Konovalov, to name a few, put together in one single release this one is supposed to make your weekend even better! So, check it out!!!

The Metalectro blog and THaF Records are joining forces and present you the very first remix competition hosted by the Metalectro blog! Here you can listen to the original track as well as find and download the stems for “Ghost House Beats” by The Hats. To submit, share your remix to this Soundcloud Group! For more details, prizes, stems and how to submit your remixes please visit the new Metalectro site or click here:

Here’s the original track by The Hats, so check it out!

Good luck and happy remixing!!!

New Site Is Up!!!

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Announcements

The all fresh and brand new Metalectro site is now online and ready to pound your eardrums until they bleed! And like i promised, a couple of surprises are waiting for you there! A special guest exclusive MixTape, who goes by the name SlaminA and the very first remix contest that the Metalectro blog is hosting in collaboration with THaF Records! So, visit the new site and join the party!!!

Announcement: New Site

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Announcements

The all fresh and brand new Metalectro site is almost ready! In 3 hours from now the new site will go boom and the surprises i promised will be revealed on the new site! An exclusive Metalectro MixTape by a very special guest, whose name you’ll know in about 3 hours from now, plus the very first remix competition hosted by the Metalectro blog in collaboration by THaF Records!!! More details in 3 hours from now! So, get ready and spread the word!!! This blog will continue to get updated until the end of the month so it’ll be fair towards the next spotlight artist who’ll be the first to be featured in the Spotlight page of the new Metalectro site!!! I’ll post the link/URL here and on the Facebook page so check back in 3 hours…

Here’s a very nice to start the new week, the new “Horizon” EP by Subdue. A release that is going to blow a lot of minds and sets of ears away! The previews of the tracks have been blowing mine away for a few days now and i did already share them with you a few days ago! I was mistaken though when i said that the EP would contain 2 original tracks and 6 remixes. Actually, it is 5 originals and 6 remixes which makes this a release that is probably packed with more good tracks than you can handle in one single release. Everything else is the same like i said on the preview i posted a few days back. So, today i will post here the EP teaser as a reminder! Go check this one, it’s out already and waiting to impress!