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Last post on the old blog and i had to go for something epic and a bit sentimental. An era of Metalectro, the first season if you like is officially over and a new one begins! Bigger, better, louder and with a few big surprises coming your way soon! So, i have picked one of Andy’s iLL remixes to be the last track of the first Metalectro season, well Andy’s iLL seems to be the perfect fit for the style of track i was looking for. His remix on “Ára Bátur” by Sigur Rós, although on the dubstep side, suits the occasion perfectly and is one great remix as well! Especially those of you who like Sigur Rós will appreciate this one definitely! So, here it comes and from now on remember check the new Metalectro site for new posts, tracks, releases, interviews and anything else going on in the Metalectro universe!


In the previous post we heard a collaboration that was gonna knock down the house, now we’re about to hear another collaboration that’s going to wreck anything left standing and take us all to the hospital! No introductions needed and like i said earlier today i’m going big since it’s the last day on the old blog. And how bigger can you get than Prodigy’s Liam H and Q.O.T.S.A’s Josh Homme working together and remixing Prodigy’s “Take Me To The Hospital”? Yeah, well, that’s what i thought too… Two legends coming together and the result, i’ll leave that for you to decide. I thought this is a track that had to be posted on the Metalectro blog by all standards, especially today… So, take us to the hospital guys!

Partysmartie and A Girl & A Gun are gonna knock down the house is the opening line of this next track and that’s exactly what i want them to do today. I have built a new one anyway and it’s bigger, better and soundproof so it can take it! “Panzerfaust” is a collaboration between Partysmartie and A Girl & A Gun obviously and you have to love the result! Check it out!!!

Drivepilot – GSM

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Tunes

OK! No more games, no more lies! Today is the last day i am posting anything on the old blog, from now on only the new site will get updated, so i hope you all now where to find it by now. Don’t worry if you don’t though, i’ll post a link and leave it at the top of everything else so you know. So, i am going to Metalectrify the atmosphere today, going to go big and epic and close those 5 months on the old blog strong!!! For starters and just to get you all warmed up, i have a new track by Drivepilot. I bet you would all want to hear this one so here it is! Drivepilot‘s latest track! It is called “GSM” and well, no surprise really but guess what! It is another great banger by Drivepilot! No more words…

K12 – Shake It

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Tunes

Let’s close with something smoother and not as dirty. How about some French electro by a name that really knows how to do it right? The last track for today is “Shake It” by K-12 and really i believe there is no need for introductions when it comes to this guy. He’s been coming up with great tracks for the last year and with around 30 tracks, originals and remixes, and a few releases under his belt already, he seems to be growing really fast. Sometimes more groovy and sometimes more dirty he is always Frenchy and always good. I suppose you weren’t waiting for me to suggest you to check him out but in case you haven’t yet checked him do it now! It’ll be worth it, trust me… and in case you don’t trust me here’s “Shake It”!

Here’s some fresh blood again for all those blood thirsty readers! Not that The Bytonics are that new, they’ve been coming up with some good tracks for the last year or so but it is the first time for them on this blog. And i picked a track that you might say it fits the description eargasm perfectly! “Viewer Discretion Is Advised” and the Metalectro blog cannot be held responsible for any underage listeners. Please ask your parents permission if you’re underage before you press play, as The Orad gives quite a performance in this one. I’m just kidding of course… Anyway, listening to the other tracks by The Bytonics this stands out as it is by far the louder, dirtier and best of their tracks by Metalectro standards. Check out their page though, some really nice tracks to be found there…

Polymorphic – Batman 11.5

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Tunes

I’ll cut it short today with only three posts and i have picked a track by Polymorphic for the end. A new name on the blog and i have picked a track that is going to make a strong first impression i want to believe. Not really a stranger i guess but a first timer on this blog nevertheless. Anwyay, Polymorphic is Oleg Kazakov and he is from Moscow, Russia. Checking out his Soundcloud page doesn’t do him much justice to be honest, as it seems to be a bit outdated but his Facebook page is a whole different story, as it’s there you’ll find more of his tracks. Anyway, taken from his Soundcloud page, here comes “Batman 11.5” and surely as you’d expect from a track with a super hero’s name it does kick ass!!!