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Karetus – The Kraken (live)

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Videos

The last post of the day and i will keep the tempo on low side. I will go even heavier on the sound so and post a track by Karetus. I might as well say this is the definition of what i call Dubhell, as Karetus really decided to drop their beats and grab their picks with this one. The video is not an official one but it is footage of Karetus performing “The Kraken” live and really i’ll leave it up to you to judge if this qualifies as dance floor destruction. By the way, Karetus will soon have their first EP released from what i’ve heard, so stay tuned and be on the lookout for this one! That’s all for today, have a nice Friday evening!


Well this will be the last post for today and i suppose it might be another sort of a surprise in terms of sound but then again it shouldn’t because this is really a great track. A few weeks ago there was a video going around on the web which was a clip with footage from the Tron video game which used as a soundtrack Missill‘s “Invincible”. Even though it wasn’t the official video for “Invincible” it looked quite good and the Tron footage seemed to work great with the track. So, here is that Tron version of “Invincible”.

Just today we finally saw the official video for Missill‘s “Invincible” and i have to say that after having watched the one with the footage from Tron which i quite liked i didn’t know what to expect. Once again though, Missill who also appears for the first time in one of her videos and apparently she has used some of her designs as well in this video, didn’t disappoint. Being the heroine of a video game Missill and Spoek Mathambo are trully invincible and they certainly deserve many congratulations for an excellent track and a very nice video!

How about a bit of a Metalectro history lesson with the next video post? The Prodigy are taking us to school with their track “Invaders Must Die” and i hope you’re up for a Metalectro class today. A really big surprise and a big come back for the legendary band and no doubt a track that shouldn’t be missing from the Metalectro blog. A track that has been used and heard in movies and video games and with a post-apocalyptic Noel Clarke starring in the video “Invaders Must Die” is a fine addition in the blog and i bet it’s a post that most of you will be happy to see here! I’m certainly happy to post it!

I think it’s time to get our daily dose of disturbing imagery and i think it’s safe to say that if someone qualifies and has the perfect sound and most fitting style that could result in some disturbing visuals and video it has to be the KillerKing, aka WASA3I. This is a fresh and absolutely rotten video from the Electro Warp Night @ Parma with WASA3I destroying the place. A collaboration between the party organisers Party Experiment, Moonlight Studios and Muvimo adding their touch of visual magic. The soundtrack is of course by WASA3I and and the tracks heard are WASA3I – KillerKing (Haezer remix) and WASA3I – KillerKing (Prelude in C minor)! Time for some flesh eating living dead zombie sounds!

How about picking up the pace a bit and returning to more familiar territories in terms of sound and names? The next video post is the official video for Dumme Jung‘s “Daylight” and it sounds to me like a good way to get back on track and slowly move back to more familiar sounds. A nice video and an even nicer track in my opinion that had to be posted on the blog some time and what better time could it ever be than now? And since Friday night is upon us on a few hours i think it also suits the occasion perfectly!

Video Day – Jogger “Nephicide”

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Videos

Well, i thoiught i would get back to the old good habit of Video Fridays! Or maybe the old bad habit of good video posts? I’ll start with a track that i suppose in terms of sound it might be a bit of a surprise post but then again it sure is a very interesting and good track and the video itself has some entertainment value too and is worth watching in my opinion. I certainly enjoyed watching it at least! So, i hope you are going to enjoy it as well and beware of black metal kids on the street, things can get messy when they’re around!

Q.G. – Bomb disaster (Official video)

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Videos

Actually i was thinking of having one last post for today. It’s in the same spirit and mood as last weeks video posts but since i made a post about the release of HKDS “Horror Hotel” EP i thought what the hell… One is a soundtrack for a horror movie (well, i suppose it is a horror movie) and this one is an official horror video, well you might as well say it is a short film, for “Bomb Disaster” by Q.G. It is certainly damn spooky and bloody gory. You’ve been warned in advance in case you can’t stand a little bloody disturbing imagery. As for those who don’t mind, you ‘re going to enjoy this i guess! Here comes the sickness!