New Release – Electro Foundation “Sun Odyssey” EP

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Releases

This is a new release i just stumbled upon and really left me shocked! I’ve been following Electro Foundation for a while now but except for “Doghouse”, featured in Metalectro MixTape vol.02 too, i wasn’t the biggest fan of their tunes, as their hard electro-house style isn’t really my favorite. Well, until today that is because as soon as i listened to “Sun Odysey”, which is the title of their new EP as well, i immediately became a really big fan! The melody and atmosphere of the track is so amazing and yet it pounds hard and doesn’t go soft on the dirt! One of my late favorites no doubt! The other track of the EP, “Sounds Of The Ocean” is also great but right now i have to focus on “Sun Odysey”! A must listen!!!

Electro Foundation – Sun Odyssey

Electro Foundation – Sounds Of The Ocean


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