New Release – L&M Bros “Wario Must Die” EP

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Releases

Let’s continue with a new release which actually has been out for a couple of days already, so i kind of owe it to you. This was a release i personally have been expecting and waiting for some time now, as listening to quite a few remixes as well as the original track it sounded like a very promising release. And now the time has come for you to draw your conclusions and decide for yourselves whether it was worth the wait. “Wario Must Die” EP by L&M Bros was released on Ventuno Recordings on the 24th of March and featuring 1 original and remixes by LBDC, Moore & Lezz, Elegant Perverts, Partysmartie and Tape Deck Bros this is a banging release that is certainly worth checking out! I’ll post here the preview of the EP as i usually do with the new releases  so you can get an idea, the rest is up to you…


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