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we have moved for good to the new site! this is the end of an era and the first season for the Metalectro blog… this blog will keep being online but will not get updated anymore… to keep up and get updated about what’s going on in the Metalectro universe check out the new site!

thank you all!!!


New Site Is Up!!!

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Announcements

The all fresh and brand new Metalectro site is now online and ready to pound your eardrums until they bleed! And like i promised, a couple of surprises are waiting for you there! A special guest exclusive MixTape, who goes by the name SlaminA and the very first remix contest that the Metalectro blog is hosting in collaboration with THaF Records! So, visit the new site and join the party!!!

Announcement: New Site

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Announcements

The all fresh and brand new Metalectro site is almost ready! In 3 hours from now the new site will go boom and the surprises i promised will be revealed on the new site! An exclusive Metalectro MixTape by a very special guest, whose name you’ll know in about 3 hours from now, plus the very first remix competition hosted by the Metalectro blog in collaboration by THaF Records!!! More details in 3 hours from now! So, get ready and spread the word!!! This blog will continue to get updated until the end of the month so it’ll be fair towards the next spotlight artist who’ll be the first to be featured in the Spotlight page of the new Metalectro site!!! I’ll post the link/URL here and on the Facebook page so check back in 3 hours…

Announcement: New Roof!

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Announcements

The Metalectro blog will soon be moving into a new domain, i’ve already started looking into it, which means it might be down for a couple of days or so but will be back bigger and stronger! I’ll let you all know exactly when that’s going to happen and make sure you know where our new address is, so you can keep visiting us! I have already started coming up with a few good and fresh new moves and ideas for the new blog, hopefully you will find them as interesting as i did! Will keep you posted!

I’m very glad to announce and give you the news that not only Dead C∆T Bounce were after all the most famous artist of last month with the most traffic on the Metalectro blog but that also, despite the technical difficulties i have had with wordpress or just the Metalectro blog being down for long periods of time, the Spotlight page is already updated and it has Dead C∆T Bounce all over it! So, check it out! All Dead C∆T Bounce related with many tracks, news, the interview on the Metalectro blog and all in one place! Will keep updating throughout the month so keep an eye out and an ear open! For all you bouncers out there to enjoy!!! View

It’s been a really tight race between three for the artist with most views and traffic for the past month on the Metalectro blog. Since only one will be featured on the “Spotlight Page” throughout March though and with the excuse of this month being a couple of days shorter than the rest, i decided to give it one extra day to see which one of Dead CAT Bounce, Kolt13 and Monophonique will end up ahead and under the Metalectro Spotlight until the end of March. Last day counting will be tomorrow so check out their tracks, listen to them, like them, comment or whatever you feel like doing to give one of those three the little boost needed to pull ahead.

February’s artist of the month on the Metalectro blog is no other than the Swedish Mean Machine, Owl Vision! I suppose producing music non-stop and having as many releases as Owl Vision had this last month is a good way to get as many views. I have to say it was tight until the last day of the month, with the second most popular artist for January on the Metalectro blog being Cyberpunkers. So, those of you who are looking for an overdose of Original Swedish Death Electro, you now know where to find it!!! Plenty of good quality death electro by Owl Vision in this month’s Spotlight Page! So, let’s take it from the start…