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I am really glad actually to post this preview, as it is not often that we see full LPs being released and it certainly is the first time i get to post the preview of one here on the Metalectro blog. It is no big surprise to me thought that it comes by Justrock. Surely i didn’t expect a full LP when some time ago i posted his track “Head Off” and said i have high expectations from him. “Fuck The Road” will be out on the 18th of April by Shake Yous Ass Records and is a ten track LP. The track in the LP are “Overdose”, “Revolt”, “Ride The Rythm”, “Fuck The Road”, “Extra Clash”, “Vlada Like A Rockstar”, “The Train”, “Philosophy”, “Real Things” and “Head Off”. Here’s a preview mini-mix of the LP, check it out and let’s hope we get to see and hear more LP releases, especially if they are as good as this one is!


Hi everybody, after a soundless Tuesday i am back today with some previews of great things to come. I will start with Against Time, x-Geneden, and his debut EP “The Beginning”. Debut only as Against Time of course, as i suppose most you are familiar with Geneden. That’s another (hi)story though, from now on it’s all about Against Time and those of you who haven’t yet heard what Against Time sound like, here is a preview of his forthcoming EP. Will be out soon on Fuck The Sound Records, not sure about the exact date but i’ll let you know when it’s out! More about it on the release day, for now check out the preview!

How about a preview of an EP that i personally think it is going to be on of the best releases of the year so far? As you have probably guessed by title of the post i’m talking about the forthcoming “Cybertron” EP by Blaster. I’ve been waiting for this one for a while now to be honest, since i first heard the original actually. The EP is scheduled for release on the 4th of April by Touché Records and except for “Cybertron” it will contain another original track by Blaster, called “Chainsaw”. As for the remixers, VoltronixX, PANDAmic and Monophonique are remixing “Cybertron” while O.L.X, K.OH, Dead Cat Bounce and Air Wankers are remixing “Chainsaw”. Check out the preview and get blasted away!

Preview – Subdue “Horizon” EP

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Previews

Here’s a preview of a forthcoming EP that is going to blow a lot of minds and sets of ears away! The previews of the tracks have blowing mine away for a few days now already and i thought i would share them with you! I did post the self-titled track “Horizon” a few days ago but it’s such a great track in my opinion that i’m sure no one would mind listening to it again. I’m talking of course about Subdue and their forthcoming “Horizon” EP. It’s scheduled for release on the 21st of March, which is only 3 days away. Except for the originals “Horizon” and “Dream Life” (ft. Miss Wonder on the vocals) it’ll contain remixes by Revolte, Dilemn, Kolt13, Bestrack, Freshlovers and Metropolice, so get ready for an eargasm!

Subdue – Horizon

Subdue ft. Miss Wonder – Dream Life (Preview)

Subdue – Horizon (Revolte Rmx)

Subdue – Horizon (Dilemn Rmx) Preview

Subdue – Horizon (Kolt13 Rmx)

Subdue – Horizon (Bestrack Rmx)

Subdue – Horizon (Metropolice Rmx)

This next preview is about to rock the blog, rock your world, rock the dance floors, rock in general! So, i don’t know if you’re ready to rock but Eby Le Beatz seems to be more than just ready! He’s already started rocking with this preview of his new track “Ready To Rock”, to be released by I Hate U Records on the 18th, which is tomorrow! So, i thought it was necessary to post this preview today, see i would have posted this one yesterday but the daily grind did win this battle after all… but not the war! And how could it when i’ m fighting this war with such a huge soundtrack!? It’d be great to have the full version to post but i guess this will have to do for now. You just can’t miss this one!

I did mention it before i think but i didn’t get into any detail back then as i didn’t have any more but our Spotlight artist of the moth, Dead C∆T Bounce will soon see their “Jouissance Accablante” EP released by Touché Records. Apparently the release date has been set to be the 11th of April and the EP will include two originals tracks by Dead C∆T Bounce. The two tracks are of course “Jouissance Accablante” and “Feather”. I suppose most of you have already heard the tracks as they both are older and have been around for a while but since the release was officially announced i thought i would post this preview as a reminder.

I’ll start the day and week with a preview of a forthcoming EP. Well, it’s not really a preview since i’ll post the whole EP for you to have a listen! It is the “Monstrumental” EP by Silent H! I’ve posted a track from this EP some time ago, when i included Silent H in my list of up-and-comers and this release is coming at a perfect time to prove me right. Listening to the tracks i have to say this is a pretty good release, with 6 original tracks and all of them really good tracks with a couple of really great tracks among them. “Monstrumental” EP will be out on the 18th by Thaf Records so make sure you check it out! I won’t let you forget anyway…