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The Metalectro blog and THaF Records are joining forces and present you the very first remix competition hosted by the Metalectro blog! Here you can listen to the original track as well as find and download the stems for “Ghost House Beats” by The Hats. To submit, share your remix to this Soundcloud Group! For more details, prizes, stems and how to submit your remixes please visit the new Metalectro site or click here:

Here’s the original track by The Hats, so check it out!

Good luck and happy remixing!!!


Just yesterday i received the news that Wasted Basterds and Drejeck Records are having a remix contest for their track “Smash My Disco”, a track featured recently on the blog and certainly very good material for all the remixers to work with. The deadline is on the 26th of March, so plenty of time ahead. I will post the track here so you can have a quick listen if you haven’t heard it before but you’ll have to check out the dasrohmaterial blog for more details and of course the label and artist website.

Just yesterday The Slutgarden announced they will be having a remix contest for their track “Hungry Teen Attack”. Unfortunately the details were in French and since i do not speak French i am afraid i can not provide them here. I can provide a link though to the contest page and those of you who speak French can check it out for yourselves. From i what i could gather, it seems that the deadline is on the 6th of March and the three winner remixes will be featured in the self-titled EP. The other remixers are Bullwack, Asian Trash Boy, Neus and Dead C∆T Bounce and it seems like this will be a release to look forward to! Here’s the link for the stems and good luck!!!

Dead Cat Bounce & A Girl And A Gun released this track for free around Halloween and it got a huge response and support by a few top DJ’s. Now, they are having a Rmx contest and the winner will be on the remix ep for this track. So, check it out!

Here is all the info and anything else you might want to know or need to get started!

Disco Trash Music Rmx Contest

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Contests

About a week ago Disco Trash Music released their “Floorkiller” EP as a christmas freebie, featuring remixes by The Odd, Audionite and Seventeen Veins. Now, they decided to start a Rmx contest for “Floorkiller”! The best two remixes will be selected and released by Globelle as a digital release and will be available on all major web stores. And as a bonus… both winners will get a brand new Disco Trash Music shirt!

More information here: