Metalectro is a new music genre and it brings two worlds together. That of loud, heavy and distorted punch in the face like guitars and dirty rocking riffs with the overcharged grooves, electrifying synths and fat beats that make you wanna dance till the meat comes off your bones! This blog is devoted to Metalectro, sharing this new “beat you with a hammer – electroshock you back to life” music experience and genre with everyone else out there who loves to bang his head and dance like a robot! A call from a fan, follower and believer to other fans! Will keep you posted with news, tunes, links and anything else Metalectro comes my way! So…                                                                   PLAY IT LOUD MUTHA!


  1. Calvin T says:

    Hey There

    Only discovered this genre this week and love it! Here in NZ were still full into our electro but im sure well be hearing more of this verry soon, perhaps not on the radio but definately our clubs!

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