New Release – F2U “Burned Brain” EP

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Releases

The second release is the new EP by F2U, titled “Burned Brain”. It was released yesterday by Bonds Records and like the previously posted release, this one is as well limited to only a couple of original tracks and no remixes. The tracks are “Bad Mad Man” which you might have heard before as it is the heavy artillery of the EP and in my opinion, the track that will lift most of the weight. A few remixes of it have been made, some quite good as well but none of them made it in the final release. I bet there must be a good reason for this but it’s not up to me to know why and i certainly don’t have any more info on this one. Anyway, back to the EP, the second track is called “Virus” and let’s hope it spreads like a virus as well from deck to deck and from listener to listener. With this wish i will close this post, here is the full version of “Bad Mad Man”. Check it out!

F2U – Bad Mad Man


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