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Happy Bday Jerome!!!

Posted: March 31, 2011 in MixTapes

Well, for those of you who don’t know it yet, it’s Jerome’s from Hantise birthday today and here i am making a small contribution and doing my bit in trying to make it a happy one for him. I thought i would wish him a happy birthday and a post here the latest mixtape Hantise came up with about a month ago. “Prophecy Of March” is the title and those of you who are following the blog and are familiar with my blogging habits don’t need to be prophets in order to expect this from me. Here come 45 minutes of groovy, banging electro sounds and what a good way to start the day and Jerome’s bday party hopefully. By the way this is the last day i’m posting anything ever on the old blog, so let’s double up the party!!!



Posted: March 17, 2011 in MixTapes

Bang Chatter – Annihilation Mixtape

I’ve got a couple of mixtapes for you to listen and since they will be the last mixtapes posted on this blog i thought i’ll double up! The first is by Bang Chatter, a name that hasn’t been featured on the blog for a long time actually but he’s back now and he’s bringing Annihilation with him! About 75 minutes of damn good tunes and a great mix that has to be played loud! Featuring tracks by Liberty!, Bang Chatter, Narsti, Rush Cobra, Your Ol’ lady and Belzebass among others this is certainly a mixtape that is going to get you in the mood for more!And there is more coming!

mikeRULZ – 30 Minutes to Destroy

In case any of you are still standing and are really ready to take another blow, here’s the second mixtape i had in mind. This is the latest mix by my buddy MikeRULZ of the Echo Show blog! An exclusive mix he did as an addition to the very nice interview he gave on the L*O*V*E blog. A 30 minute mix with a great slection of tracks and a really nice variety that makes this mix sound fresh, dirty, groovy and everything else you need to get moving! Full tracklist in the track description. Enjoy!!!

Happy Bday Bene!!!

Posted: March 5, 2011 in MixTapes

For those who don’t know it yet, today it’s Bene van Beef Theatre‘s bithday and the one half of the Beef Theatre boys is definitely getting one year older but is he getting any wiser? That remains to be seen but i thought i would devote 5 minutes of my Saturday to post this latest mixtape by Beef Theatre as a thank you for all the great music and as my bday present to Bene! Have a glorious bday Bene! Check out this mix and don’t forget to stop by Beef Theatre‘s page and say hi and happy bday!

1. Shadow Dancer – Soap (Original Mix)
2. Mustard Pimp – Cherry (Original Mix)
3. Cyberpunkers – Fuck the System (Fukkk Offf Remix)
4. aUtOdiDakT & Electro Ferris – Chainsaw (Dj Attention Remix)
5. Chromeo – Night by Night (Pelussje+ Kisbeat obscuRemix)
6. Tim Healey & Marc Adamo – Move (Dirtyloud Remix)
7. Haezer feat. Circe – Here Come The Punks (The S Remix)
8. Beef Theatre – Purple Pain (Original Mix)
9. Sharam Jey Feat. Tommie Sunshine – The Things (Cyberpunkers Remix)
10. Beef Theatre – Optimus Prime (Original Mix)
11. ULTRNX – Rockstr (Saint Pauli Remix)
12. 666 – D.E.V.I.L. (Nerva & Wonkap Remix)

Metalectro MixTape vol.04 “Maximum Overdrive” is here to welcome yet another month! And just like the title suggests, this new mix by the Metalectro blog is coming right at you like a monster-truck with full power and speed!!! Borrowing the title of the 80’s film, where machines get infected by a virus or something along these lines and having some cool wild and angry monster-trucks leading the machine revolution, they hunt, run over and kill anybody who stands in their way! In a very similar manner this new mix by the Metalectro blog will run you over and attack your eardrums until they bleed! The only salvation, hope and way for humankind to survive this overdrive massacre is dance!!!


01. Belzebass ft. The ‘S’ – Broken Symphony
02. Le Castle Vania – Nobody Gets Out Alive!
03. Haezer ft. Circe – Here Come The Punks (Drivepilot Rmx)
04. Cyberpunkers – Fuck The System
05. Fckn Crew – Discoke (The Boomzers Rmx)
06. Fat Boy Slim – Right Here Right Now (Asian Trash Boy Rmx)
07. Far Too Loud – We Want To Dance
08. Chromeo – Night By Night (Pelussje + Kisbeat Rmx)
09. Haezer – WTFIH (Cyberpunkers Rmx)
10. Hack The System – Slaves
11. Retrohandz Ft. Kino – Jump (Eby Le Beatz Rmx)
12. Mika vs Red One – Kick Ass (The ‘S’ Rmx)
13. Fukkk Offf – Rave Is King (Le Castle Vania Rmx)
14. Haezer – Anarchy (F.O.O.L Rmx)
15. F.O.O.L – We’re Not French (Haezer Rmx)
16. Drivepilot – Fuck Yeah
17. F.O.O.L – Rising Drunk Stars
18. Caribou – Sun (Andy’s iLL Rmx)

slaminA – Delayed

Posted: February 14, 2011 in MixTapes

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last Mixtape posted on the Metalectro blog and it seems that it’s a good time to post a new one. It isn’t another Metalectro MixTape though, the next volume of the Metalectro MixTapes will be ready and available on the 1st of March but until then i think this new mix by slaminA will keep you happy and satisfy your mixtape needs i bet. Taking a look in the tracklist should be enough to make you understand why. Add the fact that it is a slaminA mix to the great selection of tracks and bang! You have a 72 minute long electro mix bomb to keep you dancing and jumping around for a while. So, listen to this and make sure you visit slaminA’s page and drop a comment if you like it!


01. Apparatus – In The Beginning (Original Mix)
02. Freakadelika – Just Freakin (Bebop Remix)
03. Disco Trash Music feat. Madeline Puckette – Get Down! (Dumme Jungs Remix)
04. Planet Noize – Prototype (Original Mix)
05. The Boomzers – Rowentah (Far Too Loud Remix)
06. HKDS – Horror Hotel (Markus Lange Remix)
07. BitRedux – Hypothermia (Exclusive)
08. Mechanical Resistance – Vision (The Mastertrons Remix)
09. Samuel Ietto – Steelicks (Chronux Remix)
10. Stereoliez – Black Kamino (Part 1)
11. Partysmartie & Blah Blah Blah – Gang Bang
12. BS – Hold It Against Me (Matt Sayers ‘Fuzy Bears & Cokes’ Remix)
13. Wasted Basterds – Smash My Disco! (Exclusive)
14. Gtronic – Sucker Punch (Comic Strips Remix)
15. Sidney Samson & Steve Aoki – Wake Up Call (Peace Treaty Remix)
16. Retrohandz – Jump feat. Kino (Eby Le Beatz Remix)
17. Disco Trash Music – Floorkiller (Mads Remix)
18. aUtOdiDakT – Nitro (Trashing Teenagers Remix)
19. The S – Crusher (Konovalov Remix)
20. Wasa3i – KillerKing (Controls Remix)

As promised yesterday it’s time for the latest and probably the nastiest Metalectro MixTape until now! Metalectro MixTape vol.03 “Disco Destroyer” is here and free to download! This volume focuses more on the metal, rock, indie side of things and serves one and only purpose. Bring destruction on the dancefloor! So we’ve put together a mix of tracks that focuses on mixing rock, indie and metal sounds with the devastating beats and electrifying synths we all Metalectroheadz love! PLAY IT LOUD MUTHA!!!


01. The Big Robot – Space Invader
02. Kavinksky – Nightcall (SAWAGii Rmx)
03. Give Me a Kiss – Paradox LXXX
04. BMX Linx – Kids On Fire (Richie Beretta Rmx)
05. Dilemn – Flying Guitar
06. Smashing Pumpkins – Zero Machine (Le Castle Vania Rmx)
07. Sna Fu – Firefriend (Drivepilot Rmx)
08. The Muse – Knights Of Cydonia (The Integrals Rmx)
09. Waxdolls – Favorite Girl
10. NARSTI – Rock The Disco
11. Blur – Song 2 (Trash Yourself & The Toxic Avenger Rmx)
12. Rubber Spanner vs Some Velvet Morning – How to Remix a Revolution
13. Spiderbait – Black betty (Monophonique Rmx)
14. Moshpit – Teenage Anthem (Dilemn Rmx)
15. Disco Killah – Failure (Udek Rmx)
16. Belzebass feat. The “S” – Broken Symphony (WASA3I Rmx)
17. NEUS – Blast! (Drivepilot Rmx)
18. Metallica – Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar Rmx)

I will start the day with a mixtape before we move into the release of the brand new Cyberpunkers EP which was released today. This is an exclusive mix Partysmartie did for the Trashbags blog. A 25 mins long mix of banging electro and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you should right now as it contains some great exclusive tracks as well. Here’s the playlist to get you in the mood and i really hope you enjoy this mix as much as i did.


01. Partysmartie Feat. A Girl and A Gun – Panzerfaust (Original Mix) [Exclusive!]
02. Antention – We Are Brooklyn (Original Mix)
03. Cyberpunkers – Cabala (Original Mix) [Exclusive!]
04. Chromeo – Night By Night (Pelussje’s+Kisbeat’s Obscure Remix)
05. The Noisy Freakz – Fast Chased (Drivepilot Remix) [Exclusive!]
06. Monophonique – Predator (Original Mix)
07. The Mould – Mad Soldier Take Rifle (Partysmartie’s Predator Mash)
08. Partysmartie – All I Do Is Party (Original Mix)