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Since it’s the beginning of the new month and as every month, it’s time for the fifth round of the Metalectro “Face Off”! A few good remix contests took place last month and i picked my favorite one for this month’s Face Off. My favorite not only because of the quality of the remixes but also because i think “Deadhouse” was one of the most difficult tracks to remix and come up with something good. It has a very specific feel and character and the atmospheric parts make it a special track. On one hand as a remixer i guess you want to keep those special parts that make a track unique but then again if everyone keeps those same parts you’ll end up with a bunch of remixes that sound very similar. So, it was very interesting to see what people would come up with and as expected, extra effort and creativity would be what would make the difference in this remix contest. So, here come my favorite 5 remixes of “Deadhouse”

Dead C∆T Bounce ft. A Girl & A Gun – Deadhouse (Geneden Remix)

Dead C∆T Bounce ft. A Girl And A Gun – Deadhouse (Mentalout Remix)

Dead C∆T Bounce ft. A Girl And A Gun – Deadhouse (Dave Scorp Remix)

Dead C∆T Bounce ft. A Girl And A Gun – Deadhouse (Nadadrop Remix)

Dead C∆T Bounce ft. A Girl And A Gun – Deadhouse (Hate Mosh Remix)


It’s time for the 4th Metalectro “Face Off”! This time it will be a monstrous one as well, as i have picked “Monster” by Noize Generation as the track of this round. A recent release and a great original that got remixed by quite a few names. Only 3 of the many great remixes made it to the end and got released though and only one of those 3 has made it into my top 5. Actually, i have been listening to “Monster” remixes all morning trying to narrow the selection down to 5 and finally i am ready to go. Maybe some of you will be surprised by leaving out some more famous ones for some smaller names but hey, i simply liked these 5 the most: Blood Tinted, Owl Vision, Monophonique, 1ino1eum and Vakkuum.

Noize Generation – Monster (BloodTinted Remix)

Noize Generation – Monster (Owl Vision Remix)

Noize Generation – Monster (Monophonique Remix)

Noize Generation – Monster (1ino1eum Remix)

Noize Generation – Monster (Vakkuum Remix)

Metalectro “Face Off” round 03

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Face Off

It’s time for the 3rd Metalectro “Face Off”! Not that’s it’s been so long since the previous one but i was just listening to some of the remixes of DJ Antention’s “Rapid Fire” and thought i’d post my top 5. This isn’t an unofficial contest or any sort of contest in general, so there are no prizes to be won here. Only your opinion, comments and showing these artists that you like their remix. So, either let them know what you think by posting a comment here or on their page, or visit the Metalectro Facebook Page where all 5 remixes will be posted individually and “like” them! Here are the 5 names  whose remixes of “Rapid Fire” i’ll be posting: QG, 1ino1eum & Crystalised, Geometry, Redial and Andy’s iLL.

DJ Antention – Rapid Fire (Q.G funeral remix)

DJ Antention – Rapid Fire (1ino1eum & Crystalised remix)

DJ Antention – Rapid Fire (Geometry remix)

DJ Antention – Rapid Fire (Redial remix)

DJ Antention – Rapid Fire (Andy’s iLL remix)

Metalectro “Face Off” round 2

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Face Off

As promised last week, here comes the 2nd round of the Metalectro “Face Off”. This time is on the remix competition for “Blast” by Neus. It took me a while to pick my 5 favorite remixes but after all i have managed to reduce the list from 9 to 5 tracks. All 9 tracks i mentioned last week are great and are certainly worth checking out so congratulations to all these guys. I had to cut the list from 9 remixes to 5 though based on my taste and ears. So, sorry to Alienhearts, Monophonique, TrashingTeenagers?! and L & M Bros for not making it to my top 5. Good stuff guys! Now, let’s move to those who did make it:

Drivepilot (congratulations for being one of the 3 winners, totally deserve it!)

The Noisy Freaks (again congratulations for being one of the 3 winners!)

F.O.O.L (once again congratulations for being in the winning 3 remixes!)



Also, don’t forget to let these guys know your opinion about their remixes by leaving a comment here, on their pages or by going to the Metalectro Facebook Page and liking their tracks as each track will be posted there as well.

So, as promised here comes our Underoath “Illuminator” rmx contest – Metalectro “Face Off”. Hope you are ready for some death metal headbanging dance moves because here come the top 5 Metalectro remixes of “Illuminator”. No prizes to be won here, only glory and appreciation of the good work and the banging tunes. So, comment on the tracks people and tell your friends to check them out and tell let these guys know what you think about their tracks. That’s all for now, will be back tomorrow bringing you the Metalectro MixTape Vol.01 with some great tracks in it. So, no more talking, let’s get loud and heavy with my favorite 5 Metalectro remixes of Underoath’s “Illuminator”.

Underoath – Illuminator (Deft Key rmx)

Underoath – Illuminator (1ino1eum rxm)

Underoath – Illuminator (Rubber Spanner rmx)

Underoath – Illuminator (Ollypop rmx)

Underoath – Illuminator (SAWAGii rework)