You can find posts that focus only on one artist at a time here. Putting artists under the Metalectro spotlight and shedding some light on what they’ve done, planning to do, their big moments and everything else interesting about them in one big post. Interviews, videos, tunes and anything about them we can get our hands on.

Announcement: I have decided to make some changes regarding the Spotlight page. From now on, the artist with the most views every month will be placed under the Metalectro Spotlight and stay there for the next month, until and if someone else is more popular the following month that is. Of course, any views an artist gets by being in the Spotlight page won’t count. Only posts regarding tracks, videos, releases, interviews, mixtapes, etc. will be counted to determine who is the most popular each month.

Owl Vision [Feb 11]

February’s artist of the month on the Metalectro blog is no other than the Swedish Mean Machine, Owl Vision! I suppose producing music non-stop and having as many releases as Owl Vision had this last month is a good way to get as many views. I have to say it was tight until the last day of the month, with the second most popular artist for January on the Metalectro blog being Cyberpunkers. Let’s not forget that it was a busy month for Cyberpunkers as well with the release of the “Fuck The System” EP but for now, back to Owl Vision. As you can guess there is so much stuff to post in the Spotlight Page as except for all the recently released remixes, there is also the interview he gave on the Metalectro blog and of course his forthcoming EP, “The Black Death”. One thing is for sure, i won’t be running out of material and those who are looking to get an overdose of Original Swedish Death Electro, you now know where to go!!! View

SAWAGii [Jan 11]

For the first time on the Metalectro blog, we place under the spotlight SAWAGii, an artist who has been mentioned and featured on the blog a few times with his Metalectro tracks. SAWAGii is a Bordeaux, France, based producer that recently released a rework of Make The Girl Dance “Wall Of Death”, a rmx contest winner rework of Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” and arranged Radiopolitan’s “Tout a un sens” single which was released last year on iTunes amongst others. You can find all his tunes that have been posted before on the blog here as well as the interview SAWAGii gave me. Some of the tracks were posted for the first time on the blog today as part of the SAWAGii special post that accompanied the interview. Let’s roll and rock! View


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