Here’s some fresh blood again for all those blood thirsty readers! Not that The Bytonics are that new, they’ve been coming up with some good tracks for the last year or so but it is the first time for them on this blog. And i picked a track that you might say it fits the description eargasm perfectly! “Viewer Discretion Is Advised” and the Metalectro blog cannot be held responsible for any underage listeners. Please ask your parents permission if you’re underage before you press play, as The Orad gives quite a performance in this one. I’m just kidding of course… Anyway, listening to the other tracks by The Bytonics this stands out as it is by far the louder, dirtier and best of their tracks by Metalectro standards. Check out their page though, some really nice tracks to be found there…


I am really glad actually to post this preview, as it is not often that we see full LPs being released and it certainly is the first time i get to post the preview of one here on the Metalectro blog. It is no big surprise to me thought that it comes by Justrock. Surely i didn’t expect a full LP when some time ago i posted his track “Head Off” and said i have high expectations from him. “Fuck The Road” will be out on the 18th of April by Shake Yous Ass Records and is a ten track LP. The track in the LP are “Overdose”, “Revolt”, “Ride The Rythm”, “Fuck The Road”, “Extra Clash”, “Vlada Like A Rockstar”, “The Train”, “Philosophy”, “Real Things” and “Head Off”. Here’s a preview mini-mix of the LP, check it out and let’s hope we get to see and hear more LP releases, especially if they are as good as this one is!

Hi everybody, after a soundless Tuesday i am back today with some previews of great things to come. I will start with Against Time, x-Geneden, and his debut EP “The Beginning”. Debut only as Against Time of course, as i suppose most you are familiar with Geneden. That’s another (hi)story though, from now on it’s all about Against Time and those of you who haven’t yet heard what Against Time sound like, here is a preview of his forthcoming EP. Will be out soon on Fuck The Sound Records, not sure about the exact date but i’ll let you know when it’s out! More about it on the release day, for now check out the preview!

Polymorphic – Batman 11.5

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Tunes

I’ll cut it short today with only three posts and i have picked a track by Polymorphic for the end. A new name on the blog and i have picked a track that is going to make a strong first impression i want to believe. Not really a stranger i guess but a first timer on this blog nevertheless. Anwyay, Polymorphic is Oleg Kazakov and he is from Moscow, Russia. Checking out his Soundcloud page doesn’t do him much justice to be honest, as it seems to be a bit outdated but his Facebook page is a whole different story, as it’s there you’ll find more of his tracks. Anyway, taken from his Soundcloud page, here comes “Batman 11.5” and surely as you’d expect from a track with a super hero’s name it does kick ass!!!

Cosmic Sand – LFTFRLIF

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Tunes

The second post and track of the day is by an artist that hasn’t been on the blog that many times, actually to be perfectly honest i am not really sure if he’s ever been featured on the Metalectro blog before. Anyway, in any case here he is today and hopefully he will be a regular on the blog from now on. Cosmic Sand is a project created by José Pedro Barbosa (Apophis) in the mids of 2010. Apophis is a Portuguese Dj/Producer that aims to produce 80’s Disco Electronica and Electro Trash. It’s a recent project but with a long way ahead! Based in Oporto, Cosmic Sand has been coming with a few tracks that are certainly worth checking out and he certainly seems to have a taste for classic music influenced epicness in his tracks. And in my opinion, it seems and sounds like it is a pretty good taste as well. With a few remixes and originals under his belt already, and a fairly balanced mix of classical, 80’s electronica and hard electro, he sure comes up with tracks that are definitely worth checking out!

It seems that my days keep getting ridiculously busy lately and my blogging activities have been in a steady decline but here i am even if late, fighting the good blogger fight! So, sorry folks but no interview today, i had a couple of releases and previews in mind but i’ll have to skip them i’m afraid and head straight to some tracks. Well, i’m pretty sure you’ve heard this one already but it’s the perfect track right now for my standards. Le Castle Vania needs no introduction of course and as usual there’s not much to say about his tracks either. Whether remixes or originals Le Castle Vania never fails to impress and he sure did impress me with this remix on D.I.M’s “Is You”. Nothing more to say, just enjoy the track!!!

GSUS! – Molotov

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Tunes

I suppose, even though i am not glad about it, that for each drop of new blood on the blog there is a drop of last blood too. This next post is a track by GSUS! and it’s a freebie! Unfortunately for us i might add but hopefully not for them. There is a reason why i’m saying this is unfortunate and here it is, in the exact same words GSUS! used:

“Here’s our track “Molotov” for free. Reason for it – We’re going to do something completely different and trash music isn’t fitting in that new picture. We still love it but everything has already been done. So we seek new challenges in other genres. That’s why we produced “Burning Cathedrals” and “Popsicles”, to make something different and to show our love for electro. We do want to thank everyone who supported our tracks and showed us some huge love. Hopefully you’ll continue to love our work and respect our decision! We’ve always been gratefull for the love you guys have been giving us so this is something from us to show our appreciation and love to you guys! :)Much Love xGlenn, Thibaud and Cédric”.

So, not much left for me to say except that we’re going to miss the GSUS! bangers and good luck with anything you guys are planning!!! So, since this is the last banger by GSUS!, i’ll close the day with it and let this “Molotov” set your Sunday evening in flames! Burn it!!!