Preview – Justrock “Fuck The Road” LP

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Previews

I am really glad actually to post this preview, as it is not often that we see full LPs being released and it certainly is the first time i get to post the preview of one here on the Metalectro blog. It is no big surprise to me thought that it comes by Justrock. Surely i didn’t expect a full LP when some time ago i posted his track “Head Off” and said i have high expectations from him. “Fuck The Road” will be out on the 18th of April by Shake Yous Ass Records and is a ten track LP. The track in the LP are “Overdose”, “Revolt”, “Ride The Rythm”, “Fuck The Road”, “Extra Clash”, “Vlada Like A Rockstar”, “The Train”, “Philosophy”, “Real Things” and “Head Off”. Here’s a preview mini-mix of the LP, check it out and let’s hope we get to see and hear more LP releases, especially if they are as good as this one is!


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