Cosmic Sand – LFTFRLIF

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Tunes

The second post and track of the day is by an artist that hasn’t been on the blog that many times, actually to be perfectly honest i am not really sure if he’s ever been featured on the Metalectro blog before. Anyway, in any case here he is today and hopefully he will be a regular on the blog from now on. Cosmic Sand is a project created by José Pedro Barbosa (Apophis) in the mids of 2010. Apophis is a Portuguese Dj/Producer that aims to produce 80’s Disco Electronica and Electro Trash. It’s a recent project but with a long way ahead! Based in Oporto, Cosmic Sand has been coming with a few tracks that are certainly worth checking out and he certainly seems to have a taste for classic music influenced epicness in his tracks. And in my opinion, it seems and sounds like it is a pretty good taste as well. With a few remixes and originals under his belt already, and a fairly balanced mix of classical, 80’s electronica and hard electro, he sure comes up with tracks that are definitely worth checking out!


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