GSUS! – Molotov

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Tunes

I suppose, even though i am not glad about it, that for each drop of new blood on the blog there is a drop of last blood too. This next post is a track by GSUS! and it’s a freebie! Unfortunately for us i might add but hopefully not for them. There is a reason why i’m saying this is unfortunate and here it is, in the exact same words GSUS! used:

“Here’s our track “Molotov” for free. Reason for it – We’re going to do something completely different and trash music isn’t fitting in that new picture. We still love it but everything has already been done. So we seek new challenges in other genres. That’s why we produced “Burning Cathedrals” and “Popsicles”, to make something different and to show our love for electro. We do want to thank everyone who supported our tracks and showed us some huge love. Hopefully you’ll continue to love our work and respect our decision! We’ve always been gratefull for the love you guys have been giving us so this is something from us to show our appreciation and love to you guys! :)Much Love xGlenn, Thibaud and Cédric”.

So, not much left for me to say except that we’re going to miss the GSUS! bangers and good luck with anything you guys are planning!!! So, since this is the last banger by GSUS!, i’ll close the day with it and let this “Molotov” set your Sunday evening in flames! Burn it!!!


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