Interview#11 – Interview with The Monster

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Interviews

This week i put my life in danger and interviewed WASA3I, a name that has been featured on the blog and Metalectro MixTapes a few times with his tracks, videos and other evil deeds. WASA3I is the demon son of Electro and Metal and he comes straight from Hell. Even though not much is known about him, one thing is for sure, he is as evil as any electro artist is ever going to get. With a few releases out there already causing mayhem, many live dance floor genocide performances and a few more murderous tracks on the way, the “KillerKing” had to be approached and see what he has to say about all this. Read at your own risk!

01. Hi! WASA3I, KillerKing and Undead are some of the names you’ve been called. Would you mind introducing yourself?

I’m the Lord of all Evil and Frightness. I’m the creator of the undeads. I’m the Fear itself. I’m a Virus that enter in you ears and pollute your soul. On the dancefloor I’ll sheaver down panties just with the vibrations of my bass.

Aren’tcha afraid of WASA3I yet?

02. You grabbed our attention with your remix on the Belzebass track “Broken Symphony”. Was this the first Metalectro track you ever did? How did you come up with the idea?

It was the first track released but not the first track.

There’s no idea, this is just me, just WASA3I.

03. The whole style and idea of WASA3I, the evil, murderous, ugly, undead and straight from hell concept, how did you come with it and why this concept?

What muthafuckin’ concept? This is what I am.

04. Apparently, you always wear a very specific style of mask and clothing, do you design them yourself?

What mask? I’m not a Fashion designer.

05. “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will dance on earth”. Who said that and is this what drives you when making music or performing live?

This is my Prophecy, a consequence of my music. You’ll dance ’til death…

06. Back to your satanic ritual electro sounds, you have been doing quite a few remixes, do you prefer writing original tracks or remixing? 

Original tracks for sure, this is WASA3I, 100% badass!

07. What would you say is your biggest music achievement/highlight so far?

This is only “The Beginning”. The journey towards World Contamination Tour it’s only at the departure state… Stay aware!

08. What are your influences/music background? What was in the charts in the underworld, before you left hell?

What I like about your mortal music are sounds with melodic, aggressive, gothic, paranoid and obsessive influences. They make me feel right at home.

09. Have you ever played in a rock/metal band?

No, but if I were to be a human like you, I would have played in a Death Metal band for sure.

10. Do you prefer working only with computers/sequencers or do you get your hands dirty playing and recording instruments? Do you use samples and what’s your opinion on sampling and copyright?

I use computers and sequencers as primal instrument, but I also get my hands dirty with blood and sweat by draining dancing lost souls.

11. Do you use analogue equipment or do you prefer keeping everything “in the box”?

Maybe you shouldn’t peak “in the box”, it’s best for you…

12. So, what is music for you and what do you think about the way the music industry is changing? Have you ever considered killing any of the big names that parade in the charts? 

Music is my source of survival. The industry does not interest me, I don’t wanna climb the charts, my goal is to create my Legion of ElectroDeads by enslaving listeners. About killing any of the big names… there is no need, my music will murdered other sounds as a natural course of events!

13. What do you think about today’s mainstream music? It sure won’t raise any dead but would you say it does create it’s very own zombie nation?

I’m not a music critic. My ElectroDeads are not zombies, they will become addicted to my creepy tunes and will not be able to listen anything else.

14. Do you believe that an electronic music artist can earn his/her living from music nowadays?

It depends. My survival is my music.

15. You have been playing quite a few, if not too many live performances, are you happy with that and how is the crowd reacting when you turn the dance floor to the “ballroom of hell”?

Yes, I love it when I musically rape the clubbers on the dancefloor!

16. Are you signed with any label? Besides bringing hell on earth and raising the dead with your music, do you have any other future plans (live shows, releases, remixes etc)?

All you have seen ’til now is only “the beginning”. Doom is yet to come…

17. What are you listening to lately? Any tracks/artists you recommend?

I’m keeping a dead eye on You Killing Me, Comic Strips, Ill Saint M, Belzebass, Decepticons, Beef Theatre, Audiolook.

18. What do you like doing when not in the studio? I hope not killing people and eating babies…

You mean my Crypt? I’m doing really, really, bad things…

19. What do you think about the Metalectro blog and the music featured on it?

I like Metalectro. It’s a promising space to promote my recruiting message for the Legion and a spot for highlighting all badass sounds. Rock on, guys!

20. Something else you’d like to mention and we forgot to ask?

The Legion is coming, recruiting has already started… be ready!

Check it out on


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