Happy Bday Anthony!!!

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Tunes

I will continue with a happy bday post as today Anthony (a.k.a Nation) is getting a year older! I’m not going to post a preview of his forthcoming “Sensible EP though, don’t let the image misguide you. I’ve picked two other tracks that i thought fit the occasion and rest of today’s posts better. I will start with his take on Blaster‘s “Cybertron”, which isn’t featured in the  EP release but i think it’s one of the remixes that deserve a chance to be heard. The second track i will post by Nation is the one that really sets the mood for a bday party though! In case you haven’t yet guessed it, of course it is his remix on “All I Do Is Party” by Partysmartie! That’s my way to wish a happy bday! Have a great one dude!

Blaster – Cybertron (Nation Rmx)

Partysmartie – All I Do Is Party (Nation Rmx)


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