Posted: March 17, 2011 in MixTapes

Bang Chatter – Annihilation Mixtape

I’ve got a couple of mixtapes for you to listen and since they will be the last mixtapes posted on this blog i thought i’ll double up! The first is by Bang Chatter, a name that hasn’t been featured on the blog for a long time actually but he’s back now and he’s bringing Annihilation with him! About 75 minutes of damn good tunes and a great mix that has to be played loud! Featuring tracks by Liberty!, Bang Chatter, Narsti, Rush Cobra, Your Ol’ lady and Belzebass among others this is certainly a mixtape that is going to get you in the mood for more!And there is more coming!

mikeRULZ – 30 Minutes to Destroy

In case any of you are still standing and are really ready to take another blow, here’s the second mixtape i had in mind. This is the latest mix by my buddy MikeRULZ of the Echo Show blog! An exclusive mix he did as an addition to the very nice interview he gave on the L*O*V*E blog. A 30 minute mix with a great slection of tracks and a really nice variety that makes this mix sound fresh, dirty, groovy and everything else you need to get moving! Full tracklist in the track description. Enjoy!!!

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