Drivepilot Special!!!

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Tunes

Every great interview is usually followed by a special post devoted to the artist interviewed and today it’s Drivepilot‘s turn and i bet none of you will mind! It was about time as well if you ask me to have a Drivepilot special. I always thought of Drivepilot as one of the artists that their sound fit the Metalectro description perfectly and his interview comes to prove how right i’ve been all along. Add to that a track he called Metalectro before the blog or even Drivepilot existed and you don’t need any more convincing really. I’ll be posting three of Drivepilot‘s tracks today and that’s how i’ll close the day, three older original tracks, so in case you have somehow missed them, make sure you check them out this time around!

Drivepilot – Savages pt.1

Drivepilot – Fuck Yeah!

Drivepilot – Stuntman


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