…And Now For Something Completely Different!

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Tunes

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, or what’s left of it anyway. For it’s Sunday today and i’m back with something completely different! It’s not electro, it’s certainly not dubstep, although it has a bit of both and none at the same time. It’s electronic, it’s melodic and it surely is damn great music! I have four tracks for you that all move between and blend the boundaries of electro, (post) rock and dubstep. Melodies that will bring you memories ven of the great Mogwai days and sounds that will make you want to play the tracks loud and relax you at the same time. Not really dirty, not really clean, not too slow and not too fast, i really can’t put it into words today’s music is different than what you’re used to from the Metalectro blog but still feels in place!

WeAreSelfControlled- Antares

San Andreas – Outside (Part I)

SuprA! ft. 1ino1eum – Musique Mécanique

Subdue – Horizon

  1. 1ino1eum says:

    thanks zak, awesome tracks you chose here.

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