Metalectro MixTape vol.04 “Maximum Overdrive”

Posted: March 1, 2011 in MixTapes

Metalectro MixTape vol.04 “Maximum Overdrive” is here to welcome yet another month! And just like the title suggests, this new mix by the Metalectro blog is coming right at you like a monster-truck with full power and speed!!! Borrowing the title of the 80’s film, where machines get infected by a virus or something along these lines and having some cool wild and angry monster-trucks leading the machine revolution, they hunt, run over and kill anybody who stands in their way! In a very similar manner this new mix by the Metalectro blog will run you over and attack your eardrums until they bleed! The only salvation, hope and way for humankind to survive this overdrive massacre is dance!!!


01. Belzebass ft. The ‘S’ – Broken Symphony
02. Le Castle Vania – Nobody Gets Out Alive!
03. Haezer ft. Circe – Here Come The Punks (Drivepilot Rmx)
04. Cyberpunkers – Fuck The System
05. Fckn Crew – Discoke (The Boomzers Rmx)
06. Fat Boy Slim – Right Here Right Now (Asian Trash Boy Rmx)
07. Far Too Loud – We Want To Dance
08. Chromeo – Night By Night (Pelussje + Kisbeat Rmx)
09. Haezer – WTFIH (Cyberpunkers Rmx)
10. Hack The System – Slaves
11. Retrohandz Ft. Kino – Jump (Eby Le Beatz Rmx)
12. Mika vs Red One – Kick Ass (The ‘S’ Rmx)
13. Fukkk Offf – Rave Is King (Le Castle Vania Rmx)
14. Haezer – Anarchy (F.O.O.L Rmx)
15. F.O.O.L – We’re Not French (Haezer Rmx)
16. Drivepilot – Fuck Yeah
17. F.O.O.L – Rising Drunk Stars
18. Caribou – Sun (Andy’s iLL Rmx)


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