Announcement: Spotlight Page (February’s most famous artist on the blog)

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Announcements

It’s been a really tight race between three for the artist with most views and traffic for the past month on the Metalectro blog. Since only one will be featured on the “Spotlight Page” throughout March though and with the excuse of this month being a couple of days shorter than the rest, i decided to give it one extra day to see which one of Dead CAT Bounce, Kolt13 and Monophonique will end up ahead and under the Metalectro Spotlight until the end of March. Last day counting will be tomorrow so check out their tracks, listen to them, like them, comment or whatever you feel like doing to give one of those three the little boost needed to pull ahead.

  1. SaG says:

    Dead CAT Bounce deserves it! Their songs are so amazing! Can’t stop listening to their remix of You Killing Me’s “Hey!”. it’s a fantastic song! never before have I liked a song that long (5:56) and never got bored with it!!

    Their song The Nativity is great, too! I think they’ve found their kind of style now! and they’re improving from song to song!

    Bottom line: my vote goes to Dead CAT Bounce! 🙂

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