Interview#08 – Dead C∆T Bounce

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Interviews

This week i managed to get hold of Dead C∆T Bounce, a name that has been featured on the blog a few times with their tracks and got an interview from them about what’s they’re working on, the remix contest they ran, their influence and favorite artists at the time and many more… Read on!

1. Hi Antoine & Filippo! How long are you doing Dead C∆T Bounce and how would you describe your music?

Hey man, we started Dead C∆T Bounce on Antoine’s birthday night… We went home, drunk, opened Reason and started producing. It was the 13th of July that’s why our first song is called “XIII”. Our music is mixed between classical music, trash music and everything that inspire us.

2. You grabbed our attention with “Deadhouse”. Was this the first Metalectro track you ever did? How did you come up with the idea?

Haha! We don’t like to be categorized as Metalectro since we both hate metal. I think that it was the first and only one, we were like ‘hey we need someone to sing for one of our songs’, so we asked A Girl & A Gun and she was in.

3. You recently run a remix competition for “Deadhouse”. Would you like to share the winners and your favorite remixes with us?

The winners of the “Deadhouse” remix contest are Nation, Suicide Club, The Milk Machine, Your Ol’ Lady, RodRod, Mr. WESH and Corpus De Textes!!! We actually liked every remix and it was really hard to choose. Special mention to the winners, Waps, Phtbng and Djse.

4. So what criteria did you use to select the winning remix?

We wanted diversity but keep it as a secret we didn’t really choose 😉

5. You collaborated with A Girl & A Gun for “Deadhouse”. Was it an online collaboration?

Yes, as we live in Luxembourg and she lives in America. But we’re used to it by now!

6. Except from remixing for Dilemn’s competition (yes, we read it on facebook), are you working on any new Dead C∆T Bounce material? Do you want to tell us about it?

Well, we have a remix coming up for The Slutgarden & LOOOL, Corpus De Textes and Beef Theatre. Some collaborations and an original track called “Religion”! And for the Dilemn remix we need to find inspiration.

7. Do you prefer writing original tracks or remixing?

Remixing as you can see on our soundcloud, most of the things are remixes. But when we remix a song it’s like doing an original for us since we try to change the idea of the song completely.

8. What are your influences/music backgrounds? Have you ever played in a metal band?

As we said earlier we don’t really like metal.

Antoine: Electro, indie (played in some bands) and hip hop but I listen to every kind of music.

Filippo: Electro, Skrillex (he’s my god) and pretty much everything…

9. Do you prefer working only with computers/sequencers or do you get your hands dirty playing and recording instruments? Do you use samples and what’s your opinion on sampling and copyright?

We work with software (Reason, Ableton for vst’s and Audacity for sampling). Then a midi keyboard to have a basic idea and we get our hands on various instruments but we don’t record it. We do use samples (for example drums) and we think that there’s no problem with sampling because you can’t really hear it. Look at Daft Punk, it’s basically about sampling but they do amazing shit.

10. Do you ever run out of creative ideas in the studio?

Yes, we do but not that often. Inspiration doesn’t come when you want. It’s something natural…

11. So, what is music for you and what do you think about the way the music industry is changing?

Ouch, that’s a hard question. We could spend hours arguing about the changes in the music industry! Music is everything, haha! For example you take the bus-you listen to music, you take a shower-you listen to music, etc… There’s one thing we don’t like, artists who think they are gods.

12. What do you think about today’s mainstream music?

We don’t really have any ideas on that… Sorry bro!

13. Do you believe that an electronic music artist can earn his/her living from music nowadays?

Of course! Maybe not with productions but productions lead to shows. If people like your shit then you get shows and then you can try to live with it.

14. Are you signed with any record label? Any future plans? (live shows, releases, remixes, etc.)

Well, we found a manager and we have some labels for EP’s, remixes etc. Check this link if you want to know what’s going on. We’re waiting for shows and by the way if you want to book us:

15. What are you listening to lately? Any tracks/artists you recommend?

Q.G. (he’s the boss), loads of hip hop, You Killing Me, Hack the System, Chemical and the list goes on!

16. What do you like doing when not in the studio?

Chill, see friends, work, play cod (hahahahahahahahaha), drink, eat, sleep, waiting for the motherfucking weekend, so many things man and the most important and we’ll say it in french ‘Aller dans le grenier’!

17. What do you think about the Metalectro blog and the music featured on it?

The design is nice and you post good music with interesting comments on each of the artists! For everyone reading this, go check it out!

18. Anything else you’d like to mention and we forgot to ask?

Thanks a lot for doing this interview. It was a pleasure!

If you want to contact us:

General manager Benoît Ichard:

Heroes Booking:


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