Dead C∆T Bounce Remix Special

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Tunes

It seems only fair to continue with some sounds by Dead C∆T Bounce after the really nice and informative interview they gave on the Metalectro blog! And since they themselves admitted having a preference for remixing tracks, i will respect that and post some of the remixes Dead C∆T Bounce have worked on the recent months! I’ll post three of their remixes and i have to say that all three are truly awesome and also have the very distinctive Dead C∆T Bounce signature style and sound. Three remixes that surely make one thing clear, Dead C∆T Bounce really know how to come up with creative remixes!

Aaren Reale – Black pt.2 (Dead C∆T Bounce Remix)

You Killing Me – Hey! (Dead C∆T Bounce Remix)

Redial – Venom (Dead C∆T Bounce Remix)


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