Metalectro – The History & The Future pt.2

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Tunes

The time for the second part of the the history & the future of Metalectro is upon us and what a better day to do this than a Sunday evening? I hope and expect that all of you had a fully fun loaded weekend and you’re taking it easy today gathering powers to make it through the week. So i thought i would continue and finish what i started a couple of days ago and post some tracks from some names that in my opinion are still at the very beginning of a very big and bright future and they are the next generation of big guns. It was hard to pick just five as there are many more who deserve to be mentioned here i guess and also make sure that they belong to the future and not the present as well. So, let’s get started…

Andy’s iLL is the number one next big thing in store in my opinion. It’s just a matter of time, before he explodes and goes supersonic causing mayhem all around him and i think this year we’ll see not only his first releases but also will see him catching up with the big guns. To be honest you might say he’s already the present and not the future and it sure feels like it when he’s already been featured in almost all blogs and especially on this one so many times. On the other hand the fact that he hasn’t had any releases yet and we are expecting him to take that next step in the next months automatically gives him a place here. “Death Electro” is the track i picked and what a way to start looking into the future!

Silent H is the second name, not in any sort of order to be honest, that i will mention as the future and another artist from whom i expect a lot this year. With his debut “Monstrumental” EP being released sometime in March surely the time for Silent H to prove that he’s got more than just potential is just around the corner. Listening to tracks like “The Computer” and/or “Megatron” makes me think that there is no doubt Silent H deserves to be mentioned here and even more that he could be one of those names that certainly could and probably should make it big. The only hing that remains to be seen in my opinion is whether he’ll continue coming up with tracks as good as this. This is the original edit of the track by the way, check out the re-edited version as well if that’s not convincing enough for you.

The Wobbler has been one of the names i discovered recently and have really been impressed with. Those of you who aren’t yet familiar with The Wobbler will be impressed too i hope and believe after listening  to this track. It’s called “Savage Henry” and will be soon released, being The Wobbler‘s big breakthrough hopefully. A member of the Antiheroes collective and an artist that has all the skills and potential to make it big, he’s my next golden new kid on the block!

This next artist i think is destined and fully deserves to make it big and cause some panic, mayhem and noise around him. One of my favorite artists personally, under or overground, and already proven to have all the qualities and skills to go nuclear anytime soon. What is really the most impressive thing about Hack The System though is that he already has more than a few tracks to prove that he has what it takes and that he is not being mentioned here by coincidence or accident. He really earned this spot and he keeps getting better and better with every track, so watch out for him!

This is a name that maybe some of you would have guessed that i was saving a spot for. Recently posted on the blog with the track “Bloody Symphony”, Rocket have been rocking the Metalectro universe non-stop for the last month. Even though they yet haven’t got the number of tracks to show neither development or continuous inspiration, they sure have made me look forward and waiting to listen to more from them as the ones they already have certainly qualify as great. At the very least i would say that they are one of the most promising artists i have discovered recently and maybe they are not as big yet but there is no doubt they will if their next tracks are as good as the ones they already have produced.


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