The Virgin Dolls “Psycho” – Noisepill vs Rubber Spanner vs Phoenix Rev.

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Tunes

Today turned out to be all about remixes, not that i mind but i certainly didn’t plan it either and i won’t spoil it before the end, as this will be the last post for the day. I picked the late release by The Virgin Dolls to close the day with and i will put a couple of names that you’ve probably seen and heard before, Noisepill and Rubber Spanner against a new one, Phoenix Rev. Three very good remixes of the track “Psycho” taken from the “Psycho” EP by The Virgin Dolls. Quite a psychotic and intense way to end the day i know but that’s the idea! So pick your medicine, will it be Noisepill‘s noisy approach, will it be Rubber Spanner‘s electro pills or will it be Phoenix Rev’s psychotic guitar reinforced schizophrenia?

The Virgin Dolls – Psycho (Noisepill Remix)

The Virgin Dolls – Psycho (Rubber Spanner Remix)

The Virgin Dolls – Psycho (Phoenix Rev. Remix)


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