The “S” remixed

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Tunes

It seems that this month the balance has shifted towards Italy but then again it makes sense since we’ve had quite a few good releases coming for there. So, i thought i will take a break from the ‘catching up with the older tracks i always meant to post mission’ and post a few new ones. I couldn’t help myself when i saw those two remixes of “Crusher” and “Resurgere”, by Konovalov and Void Camp respectively, sitting right there in front of me as soon as i logged into Soundcloud. So, since they are recent, fresh and really great, i thought why not? Those who have listened to the “Takedown” EP by The “S” will know the tracks and those who haven’t will probably do so after listening to these two remixes!

The S – Crusher (Konovalov Remix)

The S – Resurgere (Void Camp remix)


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