Video Day – WASA3I “Electro Warp Night Zombie Horror” (Official video)

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Videos

I think it’s time to get our daily dose of disturbing imagery and i think it’s safe to say that if someone qualifies and has the perfect sound and most fitting style that could result in some disturbing visuals and video it has to be the KillerKing, aka WASA3I. This is a fresh and absolutely rotten video from the Electro Warp Night @ Parma with WASA3I destroying the place. A collaboration between the party organisers Party Experiment, Moonlight Studios and Muvimo adding their touch of visual magic. The soundtrack is of course by WASA3I and and the tracks heard are WASA3I – KillerKing (Haezer remix) and WASA3I – KillerKing (Prelude in C minor)! Time for some flesh eating living dead zombie sounds!

  1. Muvimo says:

    For my this post is a very surprise!!!!
    Thanks a lot!

    I like metalectro 😉


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