Video Day – Missill (ft. Spoek Mathambo) vs Tron

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Videos

Well this will be the last post for today and i suppose it might be another sort of a surprise in terms of sound but then again it shouldn’t because this is really a great track. A few weeks ago there was a video going around on the web which was a clip with footage from the Tron video game which used as a soundtrack Missill‘s “Invincible”. Even though it wasn’t the official video for “Invincible” it looked quite good and the Tron footage seemed to work great with the track. So, here is that Tron version of “Invincible”.

Just today we finally saw the official video for Missill‘s “Invincible” and i have to say that after having watched the one with the footage from Tron which i quite liked i didn’t know what to expect. Once again though, Missill who also appears for the first time in one of her videos and apparently she has used some of her designs as well in this video, didn’t disappoint. Being the heroine of a video game Missill and Spoek Mathambo are trully invincible and they certainly deserve many congratulations for an excellent track and a very nice video!


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