Remix Contest – The Slutgarden & LOOOL “Hungry Teen Attack”

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Contests

Just yesterday The Slutgarden announced they will be having a remix contest for their track “Hungry Teen Attack”. Unfortunately the details were in French and since i do not speak French i am afraid i can not provide them here. I can provide a link though to the contest page and those of you who speak French can check it out for yourselves. From i what i could gather, it seems that the deadline is on the 6th of March and the three winner remixes will be featured in the self-titled EP. The other remixers are Bullwack, Asian Trash Boy, Neus and Dead C∆T Bounce and it seems like this will be a release to look forward to! Here’s the link for the stems and good luck!!!

  1. CeKa says:

    Hey guys, I just found this website by chance and guess what, I’m French 🙂
    So the only details you missed is that the EP will feature two days after the end of the remix contest and that it will be FREE and downloadable from
    You can send your remix on this mail address :
    Preview can be sent on sites like Soundcloud or Youtube but you have to wait the feature before sharing the final and complete version.

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