Nightmare – Your Ol’ Lady vs Andy’s iLL

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Tunes

It seemed to me that since Andy’s iLL took the time to give this very nice and informative interview on the Metalectro blog it’s only fair to focus a bit on his music today. So, i thought i would start with one of Andy’s iLL most recent tracks, and a great one as well, which is no other than the remix he did on “Nightmare” originally by Your Ol’ Lady. I will post the original version of the track as well since as Andy’s iLL made clear is one of his favorites and a track that i meant to post for some time ago anyway. To be honest i just found it buried under a digital pile of other tracks in the Metalectro Soundcloud Group as well, so sorry to Your Ol’ Lady for taking a while to post…

Your Ol’ Lady – Nightmare

Your Ol’ Lady – Nightmare (Andys iLL Remix)


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