This is Dubhell#2

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Tunes

Bullwack (feat. King Minos) – Vanguard

I was just sitting around at home being lazy and having a quiet Sunday evening when the idea came to me to carry on with what i started last Sunday when i first posted some dubstep-ish tracks on the blog. Not that i couldn’t post dubstep sounds on any other day but i like the idea of having some dubstep sessions on Sundays. So, i will post a couple more dubstep tracks today and see how that goes. The first of those tracks s by Bullwack and actually this one is a collaboration between Bullwack and King Minos. It is called “Vanguard” and it is one of their most recent tracks, which was recently released by Play Me Records in the “New Blood Of Dubstep Vol.01” compilation. 

Excision & Liquid Stranger – Get to the Point

The second track is going to raise the loudness levels a bit and energize the atmosphere a bit more. It is by Excision & Liquid Stranger and is called “Get To The Point”. I suppose most of you are familiar with Excision so i am not going to spend too much time on introductions, i presume they are not needed anyway. Instead i will get to the point, just as the track’s title suggests. I will have plenty of opportunities to talk more about Excision if i keep up the Sunday Dubstep sessions anyway sine they do have quite a few good tracks to post here.  Anyway, let’s get to the point now…


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