Dead CAT Bounce – Feather (Air Wankers remix)

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Tunes

Busy morning today so i’ll just stick to a few good tracks. Great tracks actually but good to listen to on a Friday i think and head out for some drinks, dancing or whatever it is you are into. So, let’s start by the remix the Air Wankers did on “Feather” by Dead CAT Bounce. A great remix no doubt that took a nice original into a whole new level of greatness in my opinion. Well, and it’s no surprise really, i bet by now most of you are used to these Frenchmen who go by the name of Air Wankers coming up with great tracks as i am too, regardless of whether they are originals or remixes. Very nice production and sound as usual and combined with the great melodic parts of the original track you would expect this to be a great remix and it is!


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