F.O.O.L – To Japan And Never Back (FREE EP)

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Freebies

Today F.O.O.L made available their latest EP “To Japan And Never Back” as a free download. It aways makes me really happy when i have some freebies to post on the blog. Even more when they are freebies of this quality and by names such as F.O.O.L! The “To Japan And Never Back” EP contains both “To Japan And Never Back” pt. 1 and 2, and the new pt. 3 plus the new track by F.O.O.L, “Dark Cyan Night”! Along with the originals there are also 4 remixes featured in this EP, by Redial, Autolaser, Ishivu and Dead C∆T Bounce. Certainly a nice EP packed with 8 tracks in total and what’s even better is that all 8 tracks are good! And like F.O.O.L themselves said, “2011 will bring mad, filthy and raw electro. We’re focusing on making 2011 trash year. So in the future you’ll hear nothing but banging beats, that’s why we’re giving away this EP. When your brain cant take more beatings you can always go back to this EP and relax for a while. Until the next release that is”. So, download and enjoy this free EP by F.O.O.L and don’t forget to drop by their page and thank them for being generous!

F.O.O.L – To Japan And Never Back

F.O.O.L – To Japan And Never Back Pt.2

F.O.O.L – To Japan And Never Back (Dead C∆T Bounce Remix)

F.O.O.L – To Japan and Never Back (Ishivu Remix)


F.O.O.L – Dark Cyan Night (AutoLaser Remix)





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