Sidechain Massacre Sounds

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Tunes

Since i posted the promo video for the Belzebass remix on “The Storyteller” earlier and with the “Takedown” EP by The S being well on the way, i thought i would stay a bit more on the Italy side and carry on in the same style. So, let’s throw a touch of Sidechain Massacre flavor in there as well, i think it fits the occasion. So, i have a couple more posts coming straight from the very heart and soul of the Sidechain Massacre crew. I have mentioned this collective of creative individuals on the blog before and you can find more info about it on their Facebook page. I will focus on a couple of tracks from some of Sidechain Massacre‘s biggest names, in regard to producing electro sounds at least. I’ll stick to the groovy side today though! So, the first track has been around for a while, about a year, and is a collaboration between Pelussje, Gerruzz and Belzebass!!! Need i say that this is a great track or is the fact of a collaboration between these three enough? Not the dirtiest and heaviest sound you’ve heard by these names or if you are familiar with the Sidechain Massacre style and sound in general but i think it carries on in the same style as the previously posted remix by Belzebass. Plus it doesn’t have to be necessarily heavy and dirty for me to like it… And anyway the guys from Sidechain Massacre say so themselves: “DANCE TONIGHT, REVOLUTION TOMORROW”!!! So, here is “Los Pelerass”!

The second track i picked from another major representative of the Sidechain Massacre crew is from The S. Again an older track that has been around for a few months and in this case a remix. It’s one of those remixes though that you have to love no matter how many times you’ve listened to it and since the forthcoming “Takedown” EP by The S is just around the corner i thought i would post their remix on “Kick Ass”, originally of course by Mika vs RedOne. Groovy and loud, this one has a great dance club vibe and is prefect if you want to move your asses! Enjoy!!!


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