Partysmartie Special

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Tunes

Following the interview Partysmartie gave on the Metalectro blog, it seemed appropriate to post some of their tracks. I have already posted “All I Do Is Party” and “Screw Up” in earlier posts so i will post some other tracks. The first track is called “Night Prowler” and according to Partysmatrie it is the first Metalectro track they came up with. It sure is spooky so don’t listen to this one after midnight! Great Halloween vibe mixed with dirty loud sound and hard as fuck synths, like Partysmartie themselves said, make this a Metalectro monster and one of those tracks that made Partysmartie a force in the hard and heavy electro scene.

The second track is the remix Partysmartie did on L&M Bros – Wario Must Die. Featured in the self-titled EP, which was released last December on Ventuno Recordings, this is one powerful and definitely one of my favorite remixes of the track. Those of you who haven’t listened to this remix yet, although i really doubt it since it has been around for a couple of months already, won’t be disappointed. Assuming you are reading this post as someone who likes Partysmartie and their sound that is. Listening to Partysmartie tracks like this or any of the other track i have previously posted on the bog makes me wonder if these guys should actually get to meet and start working together or not…


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