Interview#05 – Partysmartie

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Interviews

This week i interviewed Partysmartie, a name that has been featured on the blog a few times with their tracks. Partysmartie are a duo based in the USA and Austria, who recently released their free EP “All I Do Is Party”.

1. Hi Partysmartie, would you mind introducing yourselves?

Alfy twenty years in this fucked up world from the best city ever Los Angeles.

Matt 22 years from a small village near Vienna (Austria)

2. You’ve been rocking the Metalectro blog for a while now, how are you lately? Are you working on something and how is this going?

Yes working on our very first collaboration with the homie Blah Blah Blah and remixing a free track of the 80’s glam metal band Motley Crue and well, the other stuff we gotta keep a secret!

3. You grabbed our attention with your “All I Do Is Party” track. Was this the first Metalectro track you ever did? How did you come up with the idea?

I think it has to be our Night Prowler track. Our musical backround comes from the metal and punk scene so what we try to do is give you that vision of mosh pitting but motion of dance.

4. For your latest EP “All I do is party” you sampled 45 GRAVE’s “Partytime” from “The Return of the Living Dead” soundtrack. Tell us a few words about it…

Hahaha exactly!! One of my favorite movies and well, it was my sisters idea!

5. Did you try to get in touch with the band and play them the song or the remixes? If yes, what was their reaction?

Nope, we just sampled it!

6. Although Partysmartie is just 8 months old what would you say is your biggest achievement/highlight so far?

Let’s just say Partysmartie has become a raging monster!

7. Partysmartie is an overseas collaboration, how did this happen?

We had our own projects and we met on Soundcloud. We collaborated on an old

track called Chaos. We loved it and that’s when we gave birth to Partysmartie.

8. How does it work in terms of studio time?

Chating, sending samples back and forth, giving ideas, making our synth hard as fuck!

9. Do you prefer working only with computers/sequencers or do you get your hands dirty playing and recording instruments? Do you use samples and what’s your opinion on sampling and copyright?

We only use software-instruments… so yeah, no dirty hands…

If we sample something that is copyrighted we use it for our free tracks ’cause I think as long as you don’t make money with the work of others, sampling is ok.

10. Do you use analogue equipment or do you prefer keeping everything in the box?

Secret recipe!!!

11. What are your influences/music background? Have you ever played in a metal band?

Alfy: Well for me my biggest influences have to be Metallica and Motley Crue but even though i liked these bands i always had a thing for house music and electro until i came across the world of heavy electro and my life changed forever. I have never played in a band but i know how to play the drums.

Matt: I used to play in a Hardcore-Punk-Band for about 5 years but after we broke up I began to listen to house music and later electro. About 18 months ago I started producing my own tracks and after a while of making electro I felt the desire to create harder and more aggressive tracks. At this time I also started listening to more heavy electro.

12. So, what is music for you and what do you think about the way the music industry is changing? What do you think about popular/chart music?

All we have to say is Dubstep is the president right now but not for long…

13. Are you signed with any record label? Any future plans? (live shows, release, remix etc)

Shake Your Ass Records

We’ve been playing shows, but not together. Soon hopefully!

14. What are you listening to lately? Any tracks/artists you recommend?





And if you didn’t know, Faceless is the future!!! Be on the look out for Faceless!

15. What do you do when you are not working on music?

Working, school, you know life…

16. What do you think about the Metalectro blog and the music featured on it?

Sick, keep it up!

17. Something you’d like to mention and we forgot to ask?

Who is Mike Jones?


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