Screamers, Headbangers & Neckbreakers#01

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Tunes

I think it’s time to go a bit heavy and put the pedal to the metal once again! It’s been a while i think since the last time i shifted the weight towards the metal side of things but even if it isn’t as long as i seem to think, does it really matter? This is the Metalectro blog after all and it can certainly take it, the question is can you? So, let’s give it a go and find out!

Dead CAT Bounce – Jouissance Accablante (DiskoSlutz Remix)

Don’t get confused by the image, i am not going to start a post titled “Screamers, Headbangers & Neckbreakers” with a Dead C∆T Bounce track. No offense to Dead C∆T Bounce, you know i like them a lot and no doubt they do produce some neckbreakers but to be fair, they wouldn’t fit the description. Not today at least… This remix by DiskoSlutz on the other hand fits the title and description of the post perfectly and is an ideal starter i think. Focusing on the heavy and dirty bass and with the aggressive vocal style they took “Jouissance Accablante” into another dimension. A much dirtier one and i have to say i really like the approach DiskoSlutz followed on this remix and even more, the result.


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