Previews – The Boomzers “Rowentah” EP (PREVIEW)

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Previews

I will continue with a preview of the forthcoming “Rowentah” EP by The Boomzers that will be released on Boxon Records on the 7th of February. A great release no doubt which is loaded with one original and a bunch of really good remixes. 7 remixes in total, with a few big names in the trakclist as well. The final tracklist mentions that the remixes featured in the EP will be from Far Too Loud, Electrixx, Belzebass, Saint Pauli, Deadbots, Blaster & The Killers Rabbits and last but not least Bullwack. A very impressive line up and certainly a release that has the potential to be great. In any case i will be here to remind you when “Rowentah” EP is released but for the time here is a little taste!


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