Cyberpunkers “Fuck The System” EP

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Releases

Like i said some days ago, today i’ll focus on the brand new “Fuck The System” EP by Cyberpunkers. This was a highly anticipated release and even though it has been around the web before the release date and i guess most you have already listened to it, the release of the also brand new official video for “Fuck The System” must have kept at least some of you on your toes, waiting for the day. So, the day has finally come and along with some previews i will post the video as well. The EP itslef is no doubt a great release, as except for the couple of excellent originals “Fuck The System” and “Cabala” it also features 3 really good remixes by Designer Drugs (Fuck The System), Fukkk Offf (Fuck The System) and South Central (Cabala). I will post here the previews of the original tracks as Cyberpunkers themselves uploaded them. I don’t like in general the idea of sharing a track from another page, i prefer sharing from the artists page even if it’s a preview. In any case, both tracks are great and so are the remixes. “Fuck The System” is aggressive and offensive whereas “Cabala” is one of those Cyberpunkers tracks that you keep listening to again and again and just can’t stop dancing or get the melody out of your head. The production and sound is absolutely brilliant as expected and once again the boys with the masks kept their promise and didn’t disappoint. Now they are starting a world tour and you should definitely check the tour dates and go see them if they play anywhere near you! That’s all for now, i will come back with the official video for “Fuck The System” a bit later and believe me when i say so, it is hardcore! Now, time for the previews and a taste of the new Cyberpunkers EP. FUCK THE SYSTEM!!!


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