Dancefloor Killer #01 – ULTRNX “Rockstr” (Saint Pauli Rmx)

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Tunes

I’ll be posting 4 tracks today that in my opinion are really great! They are loud and groovy and surely they deserve to be posted here and be heard. Some are older than others and definitely none of them is really new but all 4 are dancefloor killers and they’re going to make you dance. So, let’s get started…

With an unbroken belief in rock music as well as its musical progress, Phil de Gap and Ahoi Boi swapped their guitars for synthesizers, laptops and controllers. Inspired by sounds of the 80s and the energetic French DJ culture, a new era of Byterock had started. It was in 2008, when Digitalism had a MySpace remix contest for “Taken Away”, that ULTRNX first called attention to themselves with their contest winning remix. And then along came Saint Pauli with their remix on ULTRNX’s “Rockstr” and what a great remix it is as well! I wanted to post for this one some time now and even though i haven’t posted any other tracks by them, Saint Pauli are no strangers and i will certainly post more in the future.


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