High expectations

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Tunes

I hope you are all having a good weekend. I wasn’t sure if i was going to be posting any tracks during the weekend but i was just going through the tracks you guys have been sending to the Metalectro Soundcloud Group and realised that there are some real promising names and tracks there. So this post is going to focus on a few of those names that you possibly haven’t heard before but i think they have the potential and deserve to be heard. Maybe they still have some ground to cover in terms of production but look out for these guys as they sure have what it takes to get up there with the big guns.


King Minos is not exactly unknown. I have posted a track by King Minos on the blog before as well as being featured in the first Metalectro MixTape. Still, you can’t say he is up there with the big guns yet even though i am sure these guys have all that it takes to make it there. I want to thank King Minos for contributing to the Metalectro Soundcloud Group with his tracks and i really hope he has more tracks like this and “Weight Lifter” coming our way. Here is “Bad Guys” by King Minos, i hope you like it!


THORTRON – Warlords

This guy from Berkeley, United States, hasn’t really be one of these guys that produces huge amount of tracks and you get to know him because he is everywhere. This doesn’t mean though that he hasn’t been producing some good tracks. Listening to his tracks and especially this track i will be posting today, the description he is giving when asked about his music seems very fitting. “AN EPIC TASTE OF DANCE WITH ENOUGH BRUTALITY AND BEAUTY TO MAKE YOU CRY… ONE WAY OR ANOTHER” he says on his Soundcloud page and i can understand what he means by that. A nice melody mixed with an overall aggressive approach, resulting in a brutal yet nice electro track. I really hope Thortron can keep it up and can produce some more sounds like this. Also a big thank you for contributing to the Metalectro Soundcloud Group by sending your track!



This Buenos Aires based band is a recent discovery i made and even though i wasn’t so sure at first, i really changed my mind about them after listening to this track. They still need to improve on some areas mostly regarding the production and sound but this doesn’t stop this track from being great. I really love “Ungoodness” and i’m really impressed by how the track begins and how it builds up. The powerful beginning makes you think you are heading for an industrial-ish track but you’re not. It turns out to be a hard, melodic dance track and in my opinion it has the potential to become really big as these guys do too. Great work guys!

  1. SaG says:

    Really great blog!! I’ve just discovered it and saw that you’ve got all the djs I’m in love with! 🙂

    Keep up the good job! I’ve got a song that you could post on this blog. One of the best songs I’ve heard in a really long time: http://soundcloud.com/latourette/the-s-takedown-latourette-remix

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