The Swedish Mean Machine

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Tunes

The Swedish Mean Machine could be no other than Owl Vision. I recently posted a killer remix by Owl Vision on Eby Le Beatz and the track “Scleranthus”. It seems though that he doesn’t know how to stop and keeps coming up with more killer remixes almost every day. So, the last couple of weeks he’s been working like a machine and producing some more really mean remixes. So i decided to post them here and you better check them out as they are damn good! Both of them will be released on FutureFlashs & KIEZ BEATS by early February and as you’d expect Owl Vision is about to raise hell once again. Both tracks are great originals but Owl Vision has done a really good job taking them into his own hellish dimension. The tracks i’m talking about is “Wrath Of God” by Trashing Teenagers?! and “Monster” by Noize Generation. Original death electro as Owl Vision would say and damn good one as well! Great productions and the mean, aggressive sound you’d expect from Owl Vision. So, here comes The Swedish Mean Machine and his latest electro abominations which we absolutely love here on the Metalectro blog! Give ’em hell dude!

  1. apparatus says:

    Never a let down with his work.

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