The Fantastic Four or Five?

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Tunes

With a title like this i wouldn’t be surprised if some of you think i’m going to talk about superheroes or something. I am not going to talk about superheroes though but for some super fantastic tracks from 4 names that we all know and love. 4 names, 5 great tracks that were all released and made available to us less than a month ago, so i thought that i will post here in case some of you missed any of them. Let’s get started though and get the sounds going!

Produkkt – Ciampino Airforce (Cyberpunkers Remix)

Do i really have to introduce these guys? Does the name sound strange and unfamiliar? If it does, which i really doubt, you need to do your homework and check out Cyberpunkers immediately. Their tracks have been featured on this blog and on the Metalectro MixTapes and will keep being featured as long as they produce such great tunes! With the highly anticipated release of their “Fuck The System” EP (get an idea of what to expect by clicking on the link) which will be with us very soon and will be presented on this blog in a nice big post about it, i thought i will post another recent track that i really like. It might be a remix but you can hear and see the brilliance of Cyberpunkers and get in the mood for more.

PARTYSMARTIE – All I Do Is Party + Screw Up

You can’t have missed “All I Do Is Party” whether it’s the original mix or one of the 11 remixes featured on the self-titled EP. In case you didn’t know it’s free to download and with 11 great remixes and two great originals you should be downloading it right now if you haven’t already. PARTYSMARTIE is the electro overseas collaboration of Alfy and Matt, from LA and Austria respectively. Heavy synths, raw material, dirty noise and straight power is what they like and boy do they produce some heavy sounds! I’ll be posting two of their tracks today and i know it’s not fair posting two of their tracks and only one of everyone else but don’t blame me, blame PARTYSMARTIE for producing such great tracks!

Hack The System – Slaves

A few days ago i mentioned “Hack The System” and tried to make a point by telling you to remember his name and that you’ll be seeing more of him here on the Metalectro blog. The truth is that i don’t have much information about “Hack The System” besides a name, a photo and that he is from Italy. Who needs more information though when he has tracks like “False Flags”, posted on this blog a few days ago and “Slaves”, which is the track i am about to post today. I really have come to be a huge fan of “Hack The System” the last week or so that i have discovered and listened to his tracks. It’s not only his big, fat, full sound and solid beats and heavy synths. It’s everything about “Hack The System” that make his tracks so good. Heaviness, melodies, nice ideas and good production, it’s all there. I strongly suggest anyone who’s not familiar with “Hack The System” to visit his Soundcloud page and check out his other tracks as well! Here is a taste of what to expect!

Chromeo – Night By Night (Pelussje + Kisbeat obscuREMIX)

The last track for the day sees Pelussje and Kisbeat joining forces and coming up with a remix which they gave away as a free download and Xmas present for all of us to enjoy! How nice of them but not even close to being as nice as the remix itself is. I guess it was very unlikely if you look at these names and what they’ve done so far to come up with a bad result. A great original track no doubt, even though it is not our sound and style here on the Metalectro blog, taken into another level and turned into a more aggressive, massive sounding track that has at the same time maintained all the dance, groovy elements that made the original great track too. Congratulations guys, keep it up!


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