The New & The Furious 4

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Tunes

No, no, no, this post is not about fast cars and sexy ladies even though i wouldn’t mind either. For those of you who read yesterday’s post i did say i wanted to post some new tracks, some great tracks in my opinion, that are fresh timewise and soundwise and are certainly worth checking out! Sure there are more of those around but i had to pick a few and start blogging. So, i have 5 new tracks for you today. Some brand new and some that have been around for a couple of weeks so you might have spotted them already but in case you missed them here they come!

MAU – Yoyoyoyo (Karetus Rmx)

Karetus is a name you’ve seen before on this blog and if you haven’t you should run a search and check out their other track i posted a while ago or go check their Souncloud Page! This track isn’t exactly what you’d expect from Karetus. It does have some characteristics of the distinctive Karetus sound but at the same time it is different and fresh. Although i am a big fan of their heavy electro (see “Symphony Of Chaos” or “Loudness War”) i must admit i really loved this remix as soon as i listened to it. Groovy, loud and a really big track that was released a few days ago so check it out!

Dead C∆T Bounce – The Nativity

Dead C∆T Bounce is another of those names that have been grabbing a bit too much of my attention recently. Featured in Metalectro MixTape vol.02 “New Year’s Evil” as well with their track “Deadhouse” and with the rmx contest for the same track their name has been mentioned on this blog too often lately and they absolutely deserve it! These two guys from Luxembourg just hit us with another great track about 10 days ago. It’s called “The Nativity” and i strongly suggest to check it out! Full, fat sound as expected and a great production! I can think of many words to describe the track, with the first 5 that come to mind being awesome, massive, heavy, dirty and tidy but i can’t come up with a sentence that all these words can fit in. So, check this track out for yourselves and maybe you can help me out with forming a sentence!

Beef Theatre – Optimus Prime

I’m sure you know these guys! Beef Theatre are one of my favorites and somehow this duo from Salzburg, Austria, keeps coming up with some real banging tunes one after another! Their latest example of how to produce a great electro track is “Optimus Prime” which they made available and blasted us away with, almost a couple of weeks ago. What can you really say about this track, just like the title suggests it’s big, it’s heavy and it’s equipped with a big blaster weapon! I am not aware of any release plans for this track yet but i sure hope it does get released as it is no doubt a great track. Excellent work once again from Beef Theatre who never seem to disappoint! Check it out and go visit their Soundcloud page as well because there is a great deal of good tracks waiting for you there!

Eby Le Beatz – Scleranthus (Owl Vision Remix)

It’s been a while since the last time Owl Vision was mentioned on this blog but it doesn’t mean we’re not following and checking his work or that we’ve forgotten about him. Lately this guy from Sweden has been busy with some remixes and i have to say that he’s been coming up with some really good tracks! One of those remixes that i’ve been enjoying recently is “Scleranthus” originally by Eby Le Beatz. The “Scleranthus” EP was released about two weeks ago by Kinetica Records and it features remixes by Owl Vision and Aerotronic. I have to say though that in my opinion the spotlight shines on Owl Vision for this remix. Hard and aggressive as usual, Owl Vision once again delivers hell with his track!


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