Happy, Huge and Heavy 2011!

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Tunes

I’ve got one more post with which i will finish for today. I’m going to make it count though since these are the first tracks i’m posting for the new year. I wanted to post some new tracks, some of the first real bangers i listened to in 2011 but then again there were some older tracks i wanted to post for a while now so i will post these first. I have 6 tracks for you in this post and i’m going to bring you sounds from all around the world. From Italy to France and from South Korea to Australlia. Make sure you visit these guys pages and check out their other tracks as well because they have more great tracks than i can possibly fit in this post. Anyway, enough talking time for some banging tunes!

Gerruzz – Il combattente (for all those “Street Fighter” fanatics out there!!!)


Hack The System – False Flag a big late favorite and a name you’ll see again many times here! remember this name!

CHEMICAL – Need More Chainsaw (Remastered Version) our daily dosage of chainsaw love!!!


Fffrrreeeeq – Strass (Q.G. remix) i meant to post this track for quite some time but never did so here it comes now!

THERIOTZ – Shutup Bastard here comes a riot from Seoul, South Korea! Aggression!


DEFE▲T – METRO thought i’d save something loud for the end!


Hope you enjoyed the tracks, that’s it for today, i’ll be back soon with more Metalectro to throw your way!



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