Disco Trash Music Rmx Contest

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Contests

About a week ago Disco Trash Music released their “Floorkiller” EP as a christmas freebie, featuring remixes by The Odd, Audionite and Seventeen Veins. Now, they decided to start a Rmx contest for “Floorkiller”! The best two remixes will be selected and released by Globelle as a digital release and will be available on all major web stores. And as a bonus… both winners will get a brand new Disco Trash Music shirt!

More information here:

  1. Apparatus says:

    I really enjoyed doing this remix. I thinks it turned out nice, Dirty and Heavy

    • metalectro says:

      it did and you were pretty damn fast as well! i’ll be certainly posting your rmx here at some point!

      • apparatus says:

        Yeah I got right on it, took me about 8 hrs to do which is why I think I enjoyed working on it so much. Currently finishing up 2 new originals and a remix, which I will let you know when they are done.

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