Metalectro MixTape vol.02 – New Year’s Evil [Jan 2011]

Posted: December 31, 2010 in MixTapes

Here comes the second volume of the Metalectro MixTapes! Bringing all sorts of evil, psychotic, filthy groovy electro sounds to haunt your new year! Love it, hate it, dance it, scream with it, jump around and bang your head, just make sure you PLAY IT LOUD MUTHA!


01 Dead CAT Bounce ft. A Girl And A Gun – Deadhouse
02 Overwerk & Andy’s iLL – Death Electro
03 Noize Generation – Monster (Monophonique rmx)
04 Moshpit – Sell Outs Until Death (Me Against Me rmx)
05 Slipknot – Duality (Belzebass rmx)
06 The Virgin Dolls – Psycho (Rubber Spanner pills rmx)
07 Cyberpunkers – Is Alternative
08 Partysmartie – All I Do Is Party
09 We Are Prostitutez – Cause And Effect
10 Waxdolls – Spoiled Rich Bitches (Trash Yourself rmx)
11 Make The Girl Dance – Wall Of Death (Indiscreet rmx)
12 Electro Foundation – Doghouse
13 Rubber Spanner – Mayura in Hell (Ascii Demon remix)
14 Dead Wasps – Don’t You Know (EviCtion rmx)



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